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I have finally recovered my password. What this means is that I can once again begin posting. I feel so powerful! So intelligent! So...lame. Considering that I forgot it in the first place. *sigh*

What's up pussycat?
Friday, October 12, 2007 | link | posted by Purring | 7

I may not post here often, okay ever...but I do keep up with my blogger friends. Even though I don't comment. Yes, it's true. Things are so incredibly busy with work, home, friends that it doesn't seem I have the time to invest in keeping you all up to date. So I'm going to do a LONG post and touch on the highlights.

JJ and I are doing great. He's awesome, life is good. We just installed a cherry floor in my dining room and this weekend will be tearing the old 'house' from the houseboat so we can start redoing it in earnest.

One of my best friends has breast cancer. Second time that cancer has stricken her immediate family. He daughter was born with retinoblastoma, a rather rare eye cancer. My friend is has HER2+ breast cancer and has really been through the mill with the treatment. I count my blessings every day and marvel, whether she feels so or not, at how strong she is. I'm in the process of putting together a benefit for her and got three emails from LeRoy Butler yesterday. He's donating an autographed football jersey for us. Wooohooo.

My favorite Marine was just home for a visit. Handsome as ever and coming back from doing the Okinawa 500 very soon. He's going to be stateside for a surgery on his feet. He's still wrestling when he has time and he's still a handsome devil.

The icky ex-husband has now claimed another victim. He got remarried AGAIN...and this time, the unlucky wife has two children of her own. He has not spoken to, sent a card or visited or paid child support for his own kids for going on 2 years now. So he's still a loser. I stumbled upon the new wife on myspace when I was searching for my ex-sister-in-law. imagine my surprise at the pictures of her 'husband' my ex, gracing the pages of her online album.

My family is doing really well. My Dad came through his prostate cancer like a real pro, my sister's children are AWESOME, so is my brother's son. If I can't have kids of my own, I may as well have tons of nieces and nephews to visit me in my old age right?

My driveway was a raging success and throughout the rainy season around here, not one drip of water came into my basement!! Such a great deal.

Let's see...what else do I have to blather about? I guess that's about it. If there is anything I missed let me know and I'll post again. In awhile, a few days, over the next few weeks. Damn. I'm such a blogging failure now. I'm ashamed. Hugs and kisses...Purring.

Oh yes...I have a myspace page. If you do too, let me know so I can come visit.

I have no idea who most of these women are!
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I'm trying, I really am.
Friday, June 01, 2007 | link | posted by Purring | 13

So I thought I had this all figured out. Apparently not. I am having such difficulties getting in and out of this account. What the *&%#@ did they do to it while I was gone? Is this some sort of punishment? I'm so computer illiterate. I hate it! And my cool template seems to be malfunctioning. No sexy girl. Where did she go? Did she get bored and hop to another template where there is a bit more activity? Have you seen her?

So here's my life...in short...

JJ is good. I'm good. All my animals are good. Work is good. Life is good. I'm getting new windows in my rental upstairs and all the outside trim painted. This is good. But expensive. My house is very tall. Too tall to risk doing these things on my own. Although I do like to paint doing it waayyyy up high is not fun. Not so much. In fact, I just painted my bathroom because I like to paint. And because there was some mildew in there. And we put new everything in. Flooring, lighting, sink, faucets etc. Nice and new. Clean and lovely. Ceramic tile. No more mildew behind my toilet. This is good too.

My close friend has breast cancer. Not good. Went in for a reduction and had to have a mammo first. Oops. Lump. A sonogram and biopsy later, they tell her she's good to go. She has the reduction surgery and guess what? Yup, they do another biopsy and she does indeed have cancer. So now she has to have a double mastectomy. Hella Chemo. Radiation and then another year of some other type of chemo. Not much fun but she's a fighter. She refuses to wear a wig so she wears funky, cool bandannas stretched over her stubble. I always know how she feels if I see laundry hanging on her clothesline. This means she's having a good day.

My kitten had a black worm hangin' outa her pooper this morning. Or at least I thought it was a worm. I tackled the bitchy little kitten to inspect this worm and discovered that it wasn't a worm, but instead, a pony tail holder she had eaten. Why would you eat a pony tail holder? Do they taste good? Boy was she pissed when I pulled it from her anus. Now she's going to be even bitchier. Nothing worse than a darling kitten that you want to hug and squeeze and kiss who avoids you at all costs. What's up with that? The only time she comes near me is when I'm sitting on the toilet. Then she's all purrs. Cross-eyed tease.

My favorite Marine is currently participating in the Okinawa 500. This is an event very similar to a NASCAR race, only on a ship. In the pacific. And the East China Sea. Round and round they go. At least it's not Iraq. And no one shoots at them. I wonder if they get dizzy? I mean damn...he's been going around and around those islands for months! How does this contribute to the war effort? And why can't he come home?

I know I live in Wisconsin, but I live with a Mississippi boy and he does like his okra and fried green tomatoes. I planted a giant bucket full of okra just to see if it would grow. I have about 50 okra plants now. Okra anyone? I really didn't think they'd grow in a giant bucket but damn if they aren't flourishing. I used to hate okra until JJ's Momma showed me how to fry it up with green tomatoes, cornmeal and the grease from some bacon. Not healthy but it is tasty, I'll give ya that.

Recently a Hmong family of four was lost in the Mississippi river when their boat capsized by a lock and damn. It's been a really sad story to follow. They've recovered the bodies of all but the youngest boy. He's still missing. Whenever we go fishing we look for clues and keep an eye out for his body. We don't eat the fish we catch. Besides the fact that cows pee and poop in the water...I just can't get past the fact that the poor little boy is somewhere, missing, in the river. Besides I don't like fish. Only catfish from Jerry's.

My Dad has prostate cancer. He's doing okay. He's had radiation to shrink it and now they will just watch it. My uncle, his brother, isn't so lucky. He didn't get his check ups like he was supposed to and his prostate cancer has progressed into his bones. Now they just try to keep him pain-free. So guys...get that hiney probed. It's very important. Not a fun process...but necessary.

It seems that I've run out of news for now. I'm going to renew efforts to post at least once each week. Later today I'm going to read what some of you have to say. And eventually, I'll ditch the links in my blogroll that are bad. If you visit me and you have a new url...please send it to me so I don't remove my favorite bloggers from my blog roll and lose touch. Hugs.

It's been a long days night....
Thursday, May 17, 2007 | link | posted by Purring | 5

Apparently so long that I forgot my own log-in information. I've spent the last 1/2 hour trying to get this to work. So here I am. I suppose I should post shortly.

What goes around...
Friday, February 02, 2007 | link | posted by Purring | 13

It's been a weird few days and I must say I've not been so aware of Karma in a long time. Remember when I was upset about the will and the fact that my step-dad wasn't honoring my Mom's will? He lied and said there wasn't one. Then when we found that there was a will. His story then became, that he'd told us that there was a will but it didn't make provisions for us. Well there was a will and line three of the nonexistent (HA!) will DID make provisions for her three children. Surprise, surprise. He also remarried 3 days after the 1st anniversary of my Mom's death. Hard to swallow, but no one wants to be alone...so forgivable.

Needless to say there's been some hard feelings about the fact that we retained an attorney to sort the whole mess out. There has also been some hard feelings because the side of the story that was presented to our step-siblings wasn't true. Oh sure, part of the story his told his kids was real. For example we did indeed hire an attorney, and we did want money from him. He painted a picture of three evil children trying to strip him of his last dime. To put this in perspective for those of you who weren't around when the original story was posted. We're talking about $30,000 to split between her three kids. He got both of her life insurance policies, her house valued at over $300,000.00, and her retirement, which I might add was rolled into his account on the 19th of January. Felt like one final slap in the face. Let me tell ya.

Well, he died. Tuesday some time. Heart attack. He was alone. Now his kids are dealing with a step-mother they don't even know. Who now has control over their father's estate. Made up of a LOT of my Mom's belongings and money...not to mention her house.

I guess my point is this...You really shouldn't judge someone's actions until you've walked a mile in their shoes. Unfortunately, they now have to put our shoes on and walk that mile. I don't hate them. In fact, quite the opposite. I truly care for them. But, the honest, human part of me can't help but say..."Karma is a real bitch ain't it??"

Adventures in anal invasion.
Thursday, January 25, 2007 | link | posted by Purring | 9

It's a delicate situation. One most men fear and loathe. The invasion of their anal orifice.

JJ has been having some issues with his 'taintal' region. What was initially thought to be a cyst on his precious prostate has been found to be a simple, deep-seated sebaceous cyst. No fun for him, a LOT of pain, but at least it's not his prostate.

I went with on his follow-up appointment because I wanted to hear what the Dr. told him. Early on there was discussion of surgery and if someone's going to be using a scalpel near my man's junk, I want to be well aware of any side effects that may occur. During the appointment I stayed through all the preliminary discussion and vacated the office during the more 'personal' portions of the follow-up exam. I don't need to be party to the internal perusal of his poop shoot. I was going to come back into the room to hear the diagnosis, so I left my purse laying on the floor.

They didn't come get me afterwards, and much to JJ's relief and then chagrin the Dr. said, "Take warm baths, here's some pain killers, come back if it continues to cause you problems and HEY...don't forget to take your purse." Hee hee. My ultra masculine honey had to come into the waiting room carrying my purse.

He was disturbed. Not only did he have a male Dr. getting fresh with is fecal fount and then gently wiping off the lube, he had to carry my purse. Add this to the new PINK dog collar I bought (JJ takes our dog Jacee with in his semi) and he's feeling decidedly UNmanly.

In my book it could've been much worse. Try having your coochie cranked open with a cold, metal duck beak and your cervix scraped with a wooden weapon. That's nice. Or the Dr. might have had giant sausage fingers. Or what if the Dr. jerked, moaned and then apologized for sneezing on his back? Those things would be worse, right?

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