Adventures in anal invasion.
Thursday, January 25, 2007 | link | posted by Purring |

Blogger Ivar had this to say:

"if someone is going to be using a scapel near my man's junk..." you really are a lady. i love the shit out of it.

11:29 AM 

Blogger Sonny Morningstar had this to say:

Or what if the Dr. jerked, moaned and then apologized for sneezing on his back? Those things would be worse, right?

This is only a bad thing if your proctologist insists on keeping both of his hands on your shoulders during the exam. Of course, if during the exam you ask him to "put some action into it" all bets are off!

2:47 PM 

Blogger Webmiztris had this to say:

"Or what if the Dr. jerked, moaned and then apologized for sneezing on his back?"

omg, that's funny! men can be such babies. we have to deal with that kind of shit every year from puberty on!!!

11:46 AM 

Blogger Oh great One had this to say:

"Or what if the Dr. jerked, moaned and then apologized for sneezing on his back?"

That's nasty! I love it!

10:13 AM 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Now that's what I call a pain in the ass... (sorta like this new Blogger Beta Bullshit that won't let me sign in and leave a comment as me...)

K - from Midthirties Life Crisis

4:08 PM 

Blogger KaraMia had this to say:

Oh, i especially like when the doc yells out, "hey there thelma may! This here contraption aint the right size. Bring me nother one"
yeah..makes me all warm inside

8:56 PM 

Blogger Notta Wallflower had this to say:

Oh, I can understand a guy's pain. I'd rather have my woohoo inspected than have anything go up my bum. It's just not meant to happen. :-P

8:05 PM 

Blogger Cindy-Lou had this to say:

So wait, what's the end of that story? Does he get surgery or just wait and hope it goes down and doesn't come back?

10:49 PM 

Blogger Baobhan Sith had this to say:


That's fucking hysterical...I mean, I'm sorry he's having problems, but that's just wrong!


9:59 AM 

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It's a delicate situation. One most men fear and loathe. The invasion of their anal orifice.

JJ has been having some issues with his 'taintal' region. What was initially thought to be a cyst on his precious prostate has been found to be a simple, deep-seated sebaceous cyst. No fun for him, a LOT of pain, but at least it's not his prostate.

I went with on his follow-up appointment because I wanted to hear what the Dr. told him. Early on there was discussion of surgery and if someone's going to be using a scalpel near my man's junk, I want to be well aware of any side effects that may occur. During the appointment I stayed through all the preliminary discussion and vacated the office during the more 'personal' portions of the follow-up exam. I don't need to be party to the internal perusal of his poop shoot. I was going to come back into the room to hear the diagnosis, so I left my purse laying on the floor.

They didn't come get me afterwards, and much to JJ's relief and then chagrin the Dr. said, "Take warm baths, here's some pain killers, come back if it continues to cause you problems and HEY...don't forget to take your purse." Hee hee. My ultra masculine honey had to come into the waiting room carrying my purse.

He was disturbed. Not only did he have a male Dr. getting fresh with is fecal fount and then gently wiping off the lube, he had to carry my purse. Add this to the new PINK dog collar I bought (JJ takes our dog Jacee with in his semi) and he's feeling decidedly UNmanly.

In my book it could've been much worse. Try having your coochie cranked open with a cold, metal duck beak and your cervix scraped with a wooden weapon. That's nice. Or the Dr. might have had giant sausage fingers. Or what if the Dr. jerked, moaned and then apologized for sneezing on his back? Those things would be worse, right?

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