I'm trying, I really am.
Friday, June 01, 2007 | link | posted by Purring |

Blogger Oh great One had this to say:

I'm glad you are alive and kickin'! It sounds as though you have been very busy. I just finished painting the trim around all our windows too. I have started to paint some of the doors but now the paint on the walls looks dull! ARG! I don't want to paint the whole house!

A word of encouragement for your dad. My F-I-L had prostate cancer too and is doing very well. Hang in there!

9:32 AM 

Blogger Nobody™ had this to say:

Glad your back! I was starting to think I needed to remove your blog from bloglines!

10:05 AM 

Anonymous Maddie had this to say:

Sexy girl is back.

10:20 AM 

Blogger Chick had this to say:

Glad you're back too & that you have mostly good news. Hope your friends & family all fight well.

7:54 PM 

Blogger Maja had this to say:

Hey kari nice to see you again!

My cat used to love hair ties and would always play with them and attack them when he found them. Most cats I've come across are fascinated by them, so I'm not surprised your kitty ate one.

It's a shame about your friend and your dad getting cancer, but at least they got to it before it had advanced too far.

I had to google okra. I've heard it mentioned but never knew what it was. It sounds kinda yuk to me.

Don't stay away so long this time! I've missed ya!

9:31 PM 

Blogger Webmiztris had this to say:

welcome back! I've missed ya!

sorry to hear about all this cancer stuff... :(

the ponytail holder thing is funny - how the heck did she swallow a whole ponytail holder? it just doesn't seem like something that would go down very easily!

9:46 AM 

Blogger KaraMia had this to say:

Sorry to hear about your dad and your friend.. hope everything works out for them both.

9:31 PM 

Blogger Lightning Bug's Butt had this to say:

I'm hating on the cancer. So many people get it!

7:42 AM 

Blogger {illyria} had this to say:

i visit. and i leave hugs back. glad to see you're doing good, doll.

11:22 PM 

Anonymous ivar forkbeard had this to say:

hehe...hair-tie...try three feet of ribbon! my cat is dum and that was a fun extraction! i kinda like it.

9:56 AM 

Blogger Ivar had this to say:

ha! i figured it out!

3:03 PM 

Blogger Kel had this to say:

OMG! I know all about the logging in shit! All this time I thought I was alone in my perspective that it was all screwed up and it wasn't me.... thank goodness I'm not alone! Good to know that Life Is Good -- you totally deserve it! I'm ready for the monthly installment of what's up with Kari though!

11:00 AM 

Blogger Kate had this to say:


I'm not at 86tips? anymore. You can find me at www.downtowngirl.blogspot.com.

I'm glad you're doing okay. No posts for a while and we were starting to worry!!!

Talk to you soon!

6:09 AM 

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So I thought I had this all figured out. Apparently not. I am having such difficulties getting in and out of this account. What the *&%#@ did they do to it while I was gone? Is this some sort of punishment? I'm so computer illiterate. I hate it! And my cool template seems to be malfunctioning. No sexy girl. Where did she go? Did she get bored and hop to another template where there is a bit more activity? Have you seen her?

So here's my life...in short...

JJ is good. I'm good. All my animals are good. Work is good. Life is good. I'm getting new windows in my rental upstairs and all the outside trim painted. This is good. But expensive. My house is very tall. Too tall to risk doing these things on my own. Although I do like to paint doing it waayyyy up high is not fun. Not so much. In fact, I just painted my bathroom because I like to paint. And because there was some mildew in there. And we put new everything in. Flooring, lighting, sink, faucets etc. Nice and new. Clean and lovely. Ceramic tile. No more mildew behind my toilet. This is good too.

My close friend has breast cancer. Not good. Went in for a reduction and had to have a mammo first. Oops. Lump. A sonogram and biopsy later, they tell her she's good to go. She has the reduction surgery and guess what? Yup, they do another biopsy and she does indeed have cancer. So now she has to have a double mastectomy. Hella Chemo. Radiation and then another year of some other type of chemo. Not much fun but she's a fighter. She refuses to wear a wig so she wears funky, cool bandannas stretched over her stubble. I always know how she feels if I see laundry hanging on her clothesline. This means she's having a good day.

My kitten had a black worm hangin' outa her pooper this morning. Or at least I thought it was a worm. I tackled the bitchy little kitten to inspect this worm and discovered that it wasn't a worm, but instead, a pony tail holder she had eaten. Why would you eat a pony tail holder? Do they taste good? Boy was she pissed when I pulled it from her anus. Now she's going to be even bitchier. Nothing worse than a darling kitten that you want to hug and squeeze and kiss who avoids you at all costs. What's up with that? The only time she comes near me is when I'm sitting on the toilet. Then she's all purrs. Cross-eyed tease.

My favorite Marine is currently participating in the Okinawa 500. This is an event very similar to a NASCAR race, only on a ship. In the pacific. And the East China Sea. Round and round they go. At least it's not Iraq. And no one shoots at them. I wonder if they get dizzy? I mean damn...he's been going around and around those islands for months! How does this contribute to the war effort? And why can't he come home?

I know I live in Wisconsin, but I live with a Mississippi boy and he does like his okra and fried green tomatoes. I planted a giant bucket full of okra just to see if it would grow. I have about 50 okra plants now. Okra anyone? I really didn't think they'd grow in a giant bucket but damn if they aren't flourishing. I used to hate okra until JJ's Momma showed me how to fry it up with green tomatoes, cornmeal and the grease from some bacon. Not healthy but it is tasty, I'll give ya that.

Recently a Hmong family of four was lost in the Mississippi river when their boat capsized by a lock and damn. It's been a really sad story to follow. They've recovered the bodies of all but the youngest boy. He's still missing. Whenever we go fishing we look for clues and keep an eye out for his body. We don't eat the fish we catch. Besides the fact that cows pee and poop in the water...I just can't get past the fact that the poor little boy is somewhere, missing, in the river. Besides I don't like fish. Only catfish from Jerry's.

My Dad has prostate cancer. He's doing okay. He's had radiation to shrink it and now they will just watch it. My uncle, his brother, isn't so lucky. He didn't get his check ups like he was supposed to and his prostate cancer has progressed into his bones. Now they just try to keep him pain-free. So guys...get that hiney probed. It's very important. Not a fun process...but necessary.

It seems that I've run out of news for now. I'm going to renew efforts to post at least once each week. Later today I'm going to read what some of you have to say. And eventually, I'll ditch the links in my blogroll that are bad. If you visit me and you have a new url...please send it to me so I don't remove my favorite bloggers from my blog roll and lose touch. Hugs.

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