What's up pussycat?
Friday, October 12, 2007 | link | posted by Purring |

Blogger Mr. Fabulous had this to say:

MySpace? Girl, the place to be is Facebook these days. You can visit either of mine via the links in my sidebar.

Good to see you are still alive :)

And great news about the driveway! I know what a bitch that was last year!

11:10 AM 

Blogger Maja had this to say:

I'm on myspace. Look up thenewmaja, I think.

Nice to get a post from you once in a blue moon!

3:55 PM 

Anonymous jeremy had this to say:


3:29 PM 

Blogger {illyria} had this to say:

i don't have a myspace page, but i'm stoked you updated. nice to know things have been going fairly well in your part of the world. kisses, lovely!

8:16 PM 

Blogger Binty McShae had this to say:

Facebook is the way forward...

10:31 PM 

Blogger Dancewriter had this to say:

I'm in myspace, didn't like friendster, and have not ventured into facebook yet. you can find me as tallchachagirl on myspace. Send me a friend request!

6:47 AM 

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I may not post here often, okay ever...but I do keep up with my blogger friends. Even though I don't comment. Yes, it's true. Things are so incredibly busy with work, home, friends that it doesn't seem I have the time to invest in keeping you all up to date. So I'm going to do a LONG post and touch on the highlights.

JJ and I are doing great. He's awesome, life is good. We just installed a cherry floor in my dining room and this weekend will be tearing the old 'house' from the houseboat so we can start redoing it in earnest.

One of my best friends has breast cancer. Second time that cancer has stricken her immediate family. He daughter was born with retinoblastoma, a rather rare eye cancer. My friend is has HER2+ breast cancer and has really been through the mill with the treatment. I count my blessings every day and marvel, whether she feels so or not, at how strong she is. I'm in the process of putting together a benefit for her and got three emails from LeRoy Butler yesterday. He's donating an autographed football jersey for us. Wooohooo.

My favorite Marine was just home for a visit. Handsome as ever and coming back from doing the Okinawa 500 very soon. He's going to be stateside for a surgery on his feet. He's still wrestling when he has time and he's still a handsome devil.

The icky ex-husband has now claimed another victim. He got remarried AGAIN...and this time, the unlucky wife has two children of her own. He has not spoken to, sent a card or visited or paid child support for his own kids for going on 2 years now. So he's still a loser. I stumbled upon the new wife on myspace when I was searching for my ex-sister-in-law. imagine my surprise at the pictures of her 'husband' my ex, gracing the pages of her online album.

My family is doing really well. My Dad came through his prostate cancer like a real pro, my sister's children are AWESOME, so is my brother's son. If I can't have kids of my own, I may as well have tons of nieces and nephews to visit me in my old age right?

My driveway was a raging success and throughout the rainy season around here, not one drip of water came into my basement!! Such a great deal.

Let's see...what else do I have to blather about? I guess that's about it. If there is anything I missed let me know and I'll post again. In awhile, a few days, over the next few weeks. Damn. I'm such a blogging failure now. I'm ashamed. Hugs and kisses...Purring.

Oh yes...I have a myspace page. If you do too, let me know so I can come visit.

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